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What is blight? In general terms, it is trash, yard waste or garbage. It can include vacant lots, abandoned buildings, houses in derelict or dangerous shape; overgrown lawns; high weeds/grasses (non-agriculture), uncontrolled plant growth; uncollected litter, abandoned, vandalized cars or improper vehicle storage; rodent infestations, environmental contamination and other signs of neglect.

Click here to see our ordinance.

You can submit a blight complaint in any of the following ways:

Tickets or Citations are paid at the 4th District Court (Cassopolis) - call 269-445-4424 option 1.


Cleaning up blight is not an easy or quick process as property owners have rights to due process.

For more information, please click on the Blight Complaint Process link here:

Blight Complaint Process


A Job Well Done

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Silver Creek Township Blight Complaint

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