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Office Hours: Monday 10am to noon; Wednesday 9am to noon

Other days are by apointment only:  call 269-208-3109.

To schedule an inspection, call Lisa at 269-414-2726.

Electrical Inspector - Ron Bellaire

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Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector - John Dobberteen

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Blight Inspector - Kenneth Wray

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Assessor -  Bill Kays



Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9am-noon
Other days are by appointment only:  call 269-424-3025, opt. 2  messages are checked daily

or 269-621-5226

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Good to know

Click here to view the Construction Code Interpretation for roof and siding repair permits.

Planning a roof repair, home remodel, addition, garage, deck, etc? You must have a building/zoning permit before the work has begun. If you are not sure if you need a permit, please call the Building Department. If you are not doing the work yourself, you must hire a Michigan licensed contractor. This contractor should pull the permits, making them liable for the project. If you are unsure if your contractor is licensed, you can do a search here or contact the Building Department at 269-424-3125. Click here to read a recent article published by Leader Publications, to give you an idea why it is so important to follow these procedures!

Doing any DIY projects this year! Know before you dig! Even hand digging can cause damage! Over 25% of damage is caused by homeowners! It's fast and free to contact Miss Digg 811 at: !

Construction Permits
Electrical Permit Instructions
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application
Zoning Compliance Permit Application

Silver Creek Police Department Property Check

Demolition Permit Application
Residential Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit Application

New Construction Permit Check List


Sectional Drawing              

Framing and Footing for Decks

Bubbler or Circulation Pump Permit


Please note: Aeration Bubblers or Circulation Pumps - If you are using a device to keep open water around your pier, a permit is now required. The Silver Creek Township board amended Ordinance No 97-1, Section 4.8 Click here for additional information.


Zoning Map - click here

Zoning Ordinances


Ordinance 18-01 - Change 155.254(B) - Written Record

Ordinance 18-02 - Change 155.006 Building Height Definition/Height Definition

Ordinance 18-03 - Prohibition of Marijuana Establishments Ordinance

Bulk Fuel Storage

Code of Ordinances (all township ordinances including zoning through 8/9/2018)  Ordinances passed since 8/8/2018 are listed above.

SILVER CREEK ZONING ORDINANCE MAP - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note: Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit is required for any earth changes within 500' of a lake or stream or for projects over an acre in size. The exception would only be for projects that are less than 225 square feet that can be stabilized within 24 hours.

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