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Indian Lake
Government Lake Board

Government Lake Board


SAD's can formed for many purposes: roads, lights, etc. But lakes are alive and so only lakes can have a Government Lake Board. Government Lake Boards (NR-EPA Public Act 451) are great!

They offer a lake association member (riparian landowner) a seat a the table and a vote! The other board members have expertise in local water management (ie: drain commissioner) and this board dedicated solely to the health and treatment of your lake! Every meeting is about your lake, it's needs and services.

Lake boards do not replace the need or role of the lake association, it replaces the township board with members that have more expertise and a singular focus, your lake! GLB meetings are efficient and open to everyone!


Most GLB members are not paid to attend meetings, but they can be. The GLB should retain an attorney to stay current with legal requirements, guidelines and deadlines.


Chairman - Jeff VanBelle (Drain Commissioner)

Secretary - Ryan Laylin (Cass Co Commissioner)

Treasurer / Lake Rep - Angelo Ippolito (ILIA)

Pokagon Twp Rep - Kurt Hickey (ILIA)

Silver Creek Twp Rep - Mick Braman (Supervisor)

GLB minutes are on posted on the

Cass County Michigan website under links of interest/Miscellaneous

For a summary of Weed District/SAD process, click here

Public Notices

MSDS Information

Renovate OTF

Clipper Herbicide

Mann drain:

                  Fall 2018 article on Indian Lake (health)

                  chronological history of mann drain

                  application denied  


                  order to restore to prior status 

                  removal compliance with DEQ/EGLE

Oct 2020 RLS letter - ending services 1/31/21 


Profit/loss for 2017-2021

Profit/loss for 2015-2019

2020 contract with RLS

2019 contract with RLS

2018 contract with RLS

Indian Lake Improvement Association

board members as of 9/1/21


Click here to view the Indian Lake Improvement Association Website.


Other Information

​Overall Trends in the Efficacy of Inversion Oxygenation Aeration and Bioaugmentation as a Treatment for Aquatic Vegetation Growth, Organic Matter Accumulation, Nuisance Algae, and Water Quality in the North Basin of Indian Lake, Cass County, Michigan 2012-2018 - Click here to view.




IL South Basin Aeration Rpt

IL Field notes

IL Trace project 20E086

IL Trace project 20G0986

IL Trace project 2010485

IL North Basin Aeration Rpt

IL North field notes

IL Trace project 19G0650

IL Trace project 19J05852

IL Trace Project T19E342

Indian Lake Aquatic Herbicide Treatment History

2020 Aquatic Vegetation Control Plan, click  here

2018 Aquatic Vegetation Control Plan, click  here

2016 Indian Lake Weed Control Plan: Where we are and What's Next presentation, click here

South Basin - Pre and Post Aeration Data 2015 - Click here

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