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There is not a Bubbler department =-)

But this is where you can find your permit!

If you have any questions, please contact the Supervisor at 269-424-3025 x 3.




If you are using a device to keep open water around your pier,

 a permit is required (as of 2013).


The Silver Creek Township board approved Resolution 22-16 and

amended Ordinance Section 90.01 as follows:

 The installation and use of aerators, bubblers or any other device that prevents the formation of ice to occur on the surface of any lake is prohibited except; when an “aeration” or “bubbler” or “circulation pump” permit has been issued and all conditions being met. It is the property owner’s sole responsibility to maintain and ensure that the operation of the device does not harm the public or limit or create an unsafe use of the lake/ice area.


A permit can be obtained at the township hall from the Supervisor as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday 9am -12pm.

Permits are good only for the current season (Nov-Oct) and cost $100.00 per year if paid by November 30th, otherwise the fee increases to $175 when paid


The township bubbler program will be enforced by the ordinance enforcement officer.

    Bubbler/Aeration/Circulation Permit (2023-2024)

    Resolution 22-16  

    Ordinance amendment 90.01

    Bubbler Permits issued as of Nov 14, 2023





NotMISpecies webinar explores controlling aquatic invasive species

Officials seeking information on best practices, rules and regulations for controlling aquatic invasive species in Michigan’s inland lakes can participate in a webinar on Nov. 10 at 9 a.m. Hosted by the state Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, the NotMISpecies webinar will discuss state regulations and options for physical and mechanical invasive species control, when a permit is needed, how to choose a control method, and best practices for safe and effective treatment. Online registration is available.

​​​June 4th - Magician Lake Vessel Check

The Magician Lake Improvement Association, in conjunction with the Cass County Sheriff’s Marine Division, is offering a Lake vessel check for all Magician Lake residents. The event, scheduled for June 4th from 10:30-2:00 pm, will be held in the bay Southeast of Maple Island. This MLIA event will kick off the 2022 boating season, with all donations going to the CCSO’s Marine division to support equipment renewal and refurbishment.

MI-Eat Safe Fish 2022 (Cass County List )

notice for: Dowagiac River & Indian Lake


Boater Safety Certificate Course


R 281.1103 Revocable marker permits. Rule 3.

(1) A person shall not place buoys, markers or aids to navigation, except mooring buoys and buoys for marking fish nets or fishing devices, in any waters of the state unless a permit granting authority to do so has been issued by the department or the United States coast guard.

(2) A person desiring to place buoys, markers or aids to navigation, except mooring buoys and buoys for marking fish nets or fishing devices, in any waters of the state shall comply with the following: (a) File an application for a revocable marker permit with the department on forms furnished by the department. (b) Place the buoys, markers or aids to navigation in accordance with the location, specifications, terms and conditions specified in the permit. (c) Maintain the buoys, markers or aids to navigation in a good, serviceable and legible condition.




Special Local Watercraft Controls - Cass County - list by lake


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