There is not a Bubbler department =-)

But this is where you can find your permit!

If you have any questions, please contact the Supervisor at 269-424-3025 x 3!




If you are using a device to keep open water around your pier,

 a permit is required (as of 2013).


The Silver Creek Township board amended Ordinance No 97-1, Section 4.8 as follows:

 The installation and use of aerators, bubblers or any other device that prevents the formation of ice to occur on the surface of any lake is prohibited except; when an “aeration” or “bubbler” or “circulation pump” permit has been issued and all conditions being met. It is the property owner’s soul responsibility to maintain and ensure that the operation of the device does not harm the public or limit or create an unsafe use of the lake/ice arena.

The permit can be secured at the township hall -  

Tuesday and Thursday  9am – 5pm or Wednesday from 9am – 1 pm.

The cost of the two-year permit is $50.00.

Bubbler or Circulation Pump Permit

Bubbler permits paid as of 8/11/2021


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