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Sewer - payment and  permits

Sister Lakes Area Utility Authority (SLAUA)

Located at: 50652 Garret Rd


Sewer Administrator:  Maureen Kuriata

Office phone:  269-424-6926


Office Hours:

Tuesday:  10-4                Thursday: 10-4

SLAUA meeting schedule 23-24


Sewer payments

If you need to change your mailing address - please call 269-424-6926 or email.

Sewer payments must be separate from any tax payments.

​Checks: payable to Sister Lakes Area Utilities and mail to: PO Box 832, Dowagiac, MI   49047

For online payments:

Phone payments: 866-764-1901



​If you have questions, please email:


Sewer Permits

Where do I get a sewer connection permit?

The office has moved!!   Sister Lakes Area Utilities Authority is now located at 50652 Garret Rd.

When do I need to obtain a sewer connection permit?

Whenever a new parcel is created through a land split, in the sewer district.

When do I need to obtain a sewer disconnect/reconnect permit?

Whenever there is a need to disconnect from the existing sewer line, such as when you plan to demolish an existing structure that is connected to sewer and then rebuild a new structure and reconnect to the same sewer line. 

Note: If you plan to simply demolish a structure and disconnect with no plan to rebuild, then you still need a disconnect permit but the fee is reduced.

​​* It is very important to properly cap the sewer line, and have it inspected, to avoid costly damage to the lift stations in the sewer system. 


*Damage caused to the lift stations due to irresponsible disconnection from, and inadequate capping of the open sewer line, can result in costly charges for repairs and/or replacement of equipment to the responsible party.  It is very important to make sure that no dirt or other debris get into the sewer line while it is open, as this can cause very serious and irreversible damage to the pumps in the lift stations.


As-Builts: The sewer line from the tap to the home is the property owner’s responsibility. The sewer authority will not be able to help with locating this portion of the line unless we receive an as-built drawing.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the sewer authority receives as-built drawings. Please contact your contractor to request that they provide a drawing to the Sister Lakes Utilities Authority.  


Sewer new connection fee/Indian Lake : $7000

Sewer new connection fee/Sister Lakes: $7920


Sewer Disconnect/Reconnect: $75

Sewer Disconnect only: $55

New Home Sewer Insp: $80

Sewer Cap:$52


The homeowner/contractor  will now write their checks to:

SLAUA for: new connection, disconnect and reconnect permits & covers

SCT - Indian Lake Sewer for:  new connection, disconnect and reconnect

Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector - John Dobberteen -

Phone:  269-651-4567

Fax:  269-262-503-7354

Cell: 269-625-7648

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