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ADDRESS SIGN - To obtain a green & white reflective address sign to help emergency personnel find your residence, contact the Cass County Treasurer's office at 445-4468 EXT 2 - The signs cost $15.

AMBULANCE SERVICE - No information available at this time.

Allen Cemetery - Elm St.  - Contact Ruth Ausra 269-591-1080

Dewey Lake Cemetery - Dixon St./Sister Lakes Rd. -  Contact Patty Molter 269-208-5104 or Roger Swisher 269-783-6675

Indian Lake Cemetery - School St.  - Contact Vicary Blackmond 269-782-5764


CENSUS - Remember to always participate in the Census! The Census will affect the amount of funding for roads and other services in your area!

Census info on Silver Creek Township provided by Census reporter!

Census info for Cass County, MI provided by


​​CLEAN UP DAYS - For Silver Creek Township Residents Only -




            for the CASS COUNTY DOG ORDINANCE, Click Here


DNR  - for a DNR OFFICER, Click Here

ELECTION - for Information, Click Here.

FIRE DEPARTMENTS - Silver Creek Township contracts with two fire departments:



FIREWORKS - for Info, Click Here  - Flyer

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)  -

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act allows a person to request a record from a public body.  A  "Public record" means a writing prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by a public body in the performance of an official function, from the time it is created. Public record does not include computer software. Public record does not include requiring the public body to create a new document to answer the request. FOIA is not a question/answer format, it is a request for an existing document/record. If you have questions, you can often get answers by calling the office, doing some online research or contacting your local library (see article below). A FOIA request needs to be in writing.

FAQ Township FOIA

Documents exempt from disclosure

Public Inspection of Records Policy

Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

FOIA Procedures and Guidelines policy for Silver Creek Township


​FORMS: can be mailed in or emailed to:

FOIA Request for Public Records

Extended Response Time FOIA

Denial of FOIA Request

Detailed Cost Itemization FOIA

FOIA Appeal Form (to appeal a Denial of Records)

FOIA Appeal Form (to appeal an Excess Fee)

FOIA Affidavit of Indigency

FOIA Affidavit of Indigency Designated Requestor


Article - Making FOIA work for you - National Security Archive

Record Retention Schedules - see below

HOLIDAYS - Silver Creek Township is closed on the following days: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve.

RECORD RETENTION SCHEDULES - Silver Creek Township follows the record retention schedules issue and approved by: Department of History, Arts and Libraries

                    Michigan Historical Center

                    Records Management Services

Please note: each department may have their own specific retention schedule.

Click here to take you to a list of schedules

ROADS - Per the Cass County Road Commission, signs installed without a traffic control order cannot be enforced by authorities and signage with no guidance in the MMUTCD shall not be installed or maintained;  therefore both will be removed per their sign policy.

Click here to view the Spring 2021 Cass County Road Commission Newsletter

​​TOWNSHIP INFO & LINGO - click here

*Townships - what do they do

TRASH SERVICE & YARD WASTE COLLECTION - is not offered through the Township, but a quick check of the internet will show several providers that service our area. =-)

     For composting information - click here

     For composting FAQ - click here

     For Silver Creek Township residents only - see Clean up days (above)

VETERANS SERVICES - call Karee Krause at 269-445-4472 or Informational Flyer

or webpage

WANT TO JOIN A TOWNSHIP BOARD OR COMMISSION? - Click HERE for an application and return your completed application to the Clerk's Office, 32764 Dixon Street, Dowagiac, MI 49047. If you have any questions, please call the Supervisor at 269-424-3025 x3.

Statement from the Board concerning SILVER CREEK POULTRY FARM on the advise of our Township counsel:

"The Township has stayed current with MDARD's review and the approval process for the proposed Silver Creek Poultry LLC poultry farm. As you may know, the Right to Farm Act and GAAMPs preempt- to a large extent- township zoning control for this farm operation. The Township's zoning is preempted to the extent that it conflicts or purports to extend or revise any rights or authorities under the Right to Farm Act (RTFA) or GAAMPs. This is why the poultry farm may locate in a zoning district that, on its face, does not allow large scale farm operations. And while MDARD has determined that this site is suitable for this proposed poultry farm operation, the appeal period on that decision remains open until June 19th, 2023**. The Township, however, is confident in MDARD's analysis and site suitability determination and will not take an appeal of this decision. Any private citizen is free to take such appeal on their own behalf.*


Keep in mind that not only will the proposed poultry farm operation have to comply with the Site Selection GAAMP, but it will also have to comply with the Manure Management and Animal Care GAAMPs.

If you have an issue with the Right to Farm Act or GAAMPS promulgated thereunder, you may want to contact your state representative or senator to discuss possible amendments to the RTFA."

To file an appeal to MDARD: you must identify the specific section or requirement that MDARD failed to apply or improperly applied in its decision for site suitability determination (gaamps). Additionally, the appeal must include: relevant facts, data, analysis and supporting documentation.

**Extended from June 8th to June 19th, 2023

*To read about the appeal process and find out who is able to appeal, click below:

MDARD appeal process

To read about gaamps, click below:

MDARD - gaamps

For a review of MDARD policies, click below:

MDARD policy manual

Right to Farm questions?- click here

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