ADDRESS SIGN - To obtain a green & white reflective address sign to help emergency personnel find your residence, contact the Cass County Treasurer's office at 445-4468 EXT 2 - The signs cost $15.

AMBULANCE SERVICE - First Quarter Report, Click here

Allen Cemetary - Elm St.  - Contact Ruth Ausra 269-591-1080

Dewey Lake Cemetary - Dixon St./Sister Lakes Rd. -  Contact Roger Swisher 269-782-5051 or 269-783-6675

Indian Lake Cemetary - School St.  - Contact Vicary Blackmond 269-782-5764



Planning a repair, remodel, or addition? You MUST have a permit BEFORE work begins. If you are not doing the work yourself, you must hire a Michigan licensed contractor. The contractor is responsible for obtaining the permits, making them liable for the project. For licensed contractors, call our Building Department at 269-424-3125.


CENSUS - Info Silver Creek Township - Click HERE


​​CLEAN UP DAYS - For Silver Creek Township Residents Only -

This is an opportunity to get rid of residential items that your trash service may not normally accept,

such as: dried paint cans, tires, TV’s, beds, appliances, furniture. This is not for: commercial or agriculture items, normal household trash, organic material or hazardous material.

You will be asked for ID to verify you are a property owner in our township.

Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) - Cancelled for 2020 due to Covid

Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) - Cancelled for 2020 due to Covid


​​CORONAVIRUS  - Our regular board meeting agenda is in the usual location on our website along with instructions on how to join in via zoom. There is also a copy of the agenda in the breezeway.


- Our offices are open, but due to COVID the inside door is locked, so we ask that you use the doorbell to let us know you are here. To enter the building, the following is required: a mask, completing the Covid questionnaire form, we take your temperature (no touch) and practice social distancing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





            for the CASS COUNTY DOG ORDINANCE, Click Here


DNR  - for a DNR OFFICER, Click Here

ELECTION - for Information, Click Here.

FIRE DEPARTMENTS - Silver Creek Township contracts with two fire departments:



FIREWORKS - for Info, Click Here  - Flyer

Freedom of Information-

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act allows a person to request a record from a public body.  A  "Public record" means a writing prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by a public body in the performance of an official function, from the time it is created. Public record does not include computer software. Public record does not include requiring the public body to create a new document to answer the request.


FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

FOIA Request for Public Records

Notice to Extend Response Time for FOIA Request

Notice of Denial of FOIA Request

Freedom of Information Act Request Detailed Cost Itemization

FOIA Appeal Form - To Appeal a Denial of Records

Click here for Public Inspection of Records Policy

HOLIDAYS - The Silver Creek Township is closed on the following days: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve.

ROADS - Per the Cass County Road Commission, signs installed without a traffic control order cannot be enforced by authorities and signage with no guidance in the MMUTCD shall not be installed or maintained;  therefore both will be removed per their sign policy.


     Town hall meeting - Town hall meetings, also referred to as town halls or town hall forums,

 are a way for local politicians to meet with their constituents either to hear from them topics

of interest or to discuss specific upcoming legislation or regulation. They tend to be in a conversational format and not have a formal agenda.

    Township Board meeting - essentially a staff meeting for the township board members, with a public    comment at either the beginning or end of the meeting. During this meeting, routine but important township business is addressed, such as payment of bills and approval of future projects. Board members receive a packet of information prior to the meeting and are responsible for reviewing it prior to the meeting.

    Public comment - this is an opportunity for the public to make a comment or statement to the board or commission members. Comments can be made on any subject, but it is not designed to be a question/answer format. Please raise your hand to be recognized by chairperson so that everyone gets a chance to be heard in an orderly manner. You may be asked to speak at the podium and you may be asked to condense your comments to comply with time restraints.

    Public hearing - this is a scheduled meeting to gather information/comments from the public on a particular topic.

* Remember, If you have questions or need general information, please contact the township offices and the appropriate board member can help you! You can contact us by phone, letter, email or in person!

TRASH SERVICE & YARD WASTE COLLECTION - is not offered through the Township, but a quick check of the internet will show several providers that service our area. =-)

     For composting information - click here

     For composting FAQ - click here

     For Silver Creek Township residents only - see Clean up days (above)

WANT TO JOIN A TOWNSHIP BOARD OR COMMISSION? - Click HERE for an application and return your completed application to Supervisor Bill Saunders, 32764 Dixon Street, Dowagiac, MI 49047.