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Silver Creek Township Hall


 The best way to get an answer to your question is to contact us!

You can reach us 4 different ways - by phone, letter, email or in person!

If your question is not under our township authority, you may find answers on our FAQ page!

Don't wait for a meeting, contact us today!






Meetings are held in person at the Township Hall.


4th Wed 7pm

Nov 22 Agenda

Draft Minutes


Next meeting January 24th


2nd Wed 6:30pm

Nov 8 Agenda

Draft minutes

Next meeting December 13







Public Notice

Board of Review

Dec 12th at 10:15am

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Township News

Sunday, Sept. 24 at 5 Mile Drive-in

Cass County Partners host free movie to celebrate

National Recovery Month

Click here to learn more

Take Notice there is a Public Hearing for the following Special Assessment District Rolls for: Dewey Lake Weed Control, Magician Lake Weed Control, Little Crooked Weed Control,  INN-D-INN drive Improvement Sept 13 at 6:30pm

Internet mapping efforts kick off in Cass County

Click on the link above to be rerouted to the Cass County Press Release



Press Release: CCMCA addresses ambulance service changes effective Aug. 18 in Cass County




Go hands-free. Just drive. It’s the law.

(Effective June 30th, 2023)

It is now illegal to manually use a cell phone or other mobile electronic device while operating a vehicle on Michigan roads. Under the law, a driver cannot hold or support a phone or other device with any part of their hands, arms, or shoulders. Even if a cell phone or other device is mounted on your dashboard or connected to your vehicle’s built-in system, you cannot use your hands to operate it beyond a single touch.

Visit: Distracted Driving ( for more information


ORV- Cass County has passed an ORV Ordinance that will allow ORV’s on some roads. Check the details before you drive!

Click here for the county road map.

Click here for the ordinance and more.

Click here for interactive map.

*Golf Carts are NOT ORV's  - golf carts are not allowed on the roads. ORV speed limit of 25mph


To stay safe, please remember:


-No golf carts on the roads.

-Wear reflective clothing.

-Walk against the flow of traffic & on the side of the roadway (not in the road). This way you can see traffic coming toward you.

-Make sure you have a green address sign that is clearly visible from both directions. They are not expensive and it saves precious time for first responders to get to you or your loved one.

Clean up day Passes - September 2023

We will have Clean Up passes for the month of September available soon! Please come by the Clerk's Office to pick up your pass.  Clerk Office Hours: Tues 9a-5p, Wed 9a-12p & Thurs 9a-5p. Available for pick up at the end of August. Good for entire month of September at Orchard Hills.

Email me to arrange pass pick up outside of office hours:

Procedure for establishing or improving a county drain


As the weather warms up and the boats fill the lake, please keep safety at the forefront.

Boaters born after June 30, 1996, and most personal watercraft operators who operate a vessel in Michigan must have a boater education card (boating safety certificate). There are a few different ways to earn your boating safety certificate. Click the link for more info:

Boating safety certificate (

Building Permits are now online!​​

Silver Creek Township is pleased to announce that the Cloud Permit system for building and zoning permits is now live! This on-line software program will expedite the permitting process as well as enforcement and make it easier for residents and construction companies to obtain and pay for their permits. Reach out to Building Official Scott Saunders, for additional information. (Zoning, Electrical and Plumbing/Mechanical permits are still on the building department page at this time.)

Parking - Please do not block any portion of the roadway with your vehicle at any time. First responders need to be able to get through to help people in an emergency!

This also applies to anyone servicing your home/yard. Safety is #1.

Police Service Contract – We already had a contract for services with Cass County Sheriff’s Office for various assistance & services. Recently, it became apparent that our needs have changed. After reviewing our options, we updated our contract with CCSO. With this new contract, we will have more weekend patrols than before!


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