Silver Creek Township Hall


To create a future for Silver Creek Township to benefit those generations that will follow.

To deliver services to the township as inexpensively and effectively as possible.

To foster a strong, vibrant township, advocating legislation to meet 21st century challenges, developing and educating knowledgeable township officials and interested supporters of township government.


To encourage ethical and transparent practices of elected officials who uphold the traditions and unique characteristics of township government.

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If you are asking what does township government do? Here is a brief list:

  • Tax collection

  • Property assessments

  • Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Permits & Compliance

  • Zoning Ordinances, Blight Ordinances and enforcement

  • Fire, Police & Ambulance Services

  • Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission, Board of Review

  • Sewers, roads, Special Assessment Districts

  • Elections

If you are interested in serving on any Township board, please stop by and fill out an application or click here!

Mick Braman, Supervisor





Meetings are in person unless zoom is listed.

Deadlines for Agenda items are due by 9am

one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Agendas are posted as soon as they are given to the clerk's office.




July 12, 2022


Notice - Agenda

July 19, 2022

Notice - Agenda



July 13 - 6:30 pm




JULY 19 2022  11AM-12N








July 6th - 5pm

Silver Creek Twp Hall

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You can reach us 4 different ways - by phone, letter, email or in person!

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June 4th - Magician Lake Vessel Check

The Magician Lake Improvement Association, in conjunction with the Cass County Sheriff’s Marine Division, is offering a Lake vessel check for all Magician Lake residents. The event, scheduled for June 4th from 10:30-2:00 pm, will be held in the bay Southeast of Maple Island. This MLIA event will kick off the 2022 boating season, with all donations going to the CCSO’s Marine division to support equipment renewal and refurbishment.

MI-Eat Safe Fish 2022 (Cass County List)

Please review this list - it affects fish in:

Christiana Lake, Dowagiac River,

Eagle Lake, Indian Lake and

St Joseph River!

Clean Up Days – Unfortunately, the vendor we’ve had for years is not available anymore. This is a huge disappointment for us too! We are working to find an alternative to be able to continue this service. Check website for updates. 

Elections – August 2nd is the Primary and November 8th is the general Election. we will be sending out AV applications to those on our list very soon. See our website for other details and updates!

ORV- Cass County has passed an ORV Ordinance that will allow ORV’s on some roads. Stay tuned for which roads, effective date and other details or go to the Cass County MI website. Please note, a golf cart is NOT an ORV.

Parking - Please do not block any portion of the roadway with your vehicle at any time. First responders need to be able to get through to people in an emergency!

Police Service Contract – We already had a contract for services with Cass County Sheriff’s Office for various assistance & services. Recently, it became apparent that our needs have changed. After reviewing our options, we updated our contract with CCSO. With this new contract, we will have more weekend patrols than before!


Stay safe this summer and remember:

-No golf carts on the roads.

-Walk against the flow of traffic and on the side of the roadway.

-Make sure you have a green address sign that is clearly visible from both directions - it is not expensive and saves precious time for first responders.

Welcome our 3 newest team members:


Building Official – Scott Saunders

Scott began in January 2022 and has jumped in with both feet. He is using BS&A for all permits, which allows him to keep the records up to date in real time.


Zoning Administrator – Mark Davis

Mark began in June 2021 and came to us with prior experience. Mark is also utilizing BS&A for all of his permits.


Blight – Ryan Shields

Ryan is a Cass County Deputy and initially began working for us in the Police Department. He loves working blight and now shares an office with Scott and Mark. They work together and use BS&A to maintain their records. BS&A will keep all permits and info computerized for easy access and record retention.

Congratulations to Nick Barnes, John Joossens and Veronica Kenreich for completing the Citizen Planner courses through MSU! It’s great to have you on the Planning Commission.


Government Lake Board – We are very proud to provide this board to Indian Lake residents to address the lake health and weed treatment. The weed district budget has been about $120,000.00 a year. So, given the size of the district and their budget, it was prudent for them to have their own lake board. The biggest advantages to having a GLB are: the GLB’s focus is the lake health and weed treatment (unlike township meetings which address a variety of important issues);

board members have more expertise in water management than a township board; the lake association now has at least one member on the decision-making board. Remember:  GLB meetings are open to the public and the lake association is actively involved as the primary consultant/ guide for lake services/weed treatment.

It works so well that Porter Township recently added a Government Lake Board for Shavehead Lake!